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Not every PCB manufacturing company can be reliable. No first or second preference. OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer and EMS Electronics Manufacturing Services must select the best company that meet their expectations in terms of design, manufacturing, lead time and cost effectiveness.

Official Website. They also have their office in New Delhi, India. Optima Technology Associates provide complete circuit board manufacturing, assembly, contract manufacturing and engineering services. They can cater your need or design, small volume prototypes, medium or high-volume production — all within budget. Technotronix is based in California, United States. Redboard Circuits is based in Arizona, United States. They are manufacturers of different Types of PCB for every application and every industry.

Their capabalities include —. NexLogic is based in California, United States. T is based in Florida, United States. They manufacture all their products with the highest PCB technology and quality standards. Their products and services include:. With experience of over two decades in the printed circuit board industry, OnBoard Circuits designs and manufactures the best possible boards to fit customers needs.

They ensure the most accurate, timely, and cost effective design and manufacturing process.

Aerospace PCB manufacturers - Aimtron- electronic assembly

The company manufacturers wide ranged printed circuit boards of high quality at very competitive price with quick delivery time frame. They have expertise in manufacturing:. Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials. Learn all about 3D Printed Circuit Board. A Printed Circuit Board can be of following […]. These benefits include reduced PCB Material Cost, reduced material handling cost, and a controlled […].Top Suppliers. Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are the means to mechanically support and electrically connect an array of electronic components into a circuit for both reliability and cheap mass manufacture.

A typical two-layer PCB consists of a single insulation layer, usually a fiberglass resin, and two copper planes, one on each side of the insulation. These copper layers are etched into traces wireswhile vias holes connect both copper layers at key locations. Additional layers coat the copper to protect it and to provide various artwork and labeling.

The process of producing a PCB first involves an electronics engineer to design it, followed by a PCB manufacturer, an assembler, which places the electronics components onto the PCB, and then finally a testing process for quality control. Some companies provide a one stop shop for all services. Others provide just one or two services, in which case the customer would work with multiple companies as part of a supply chain.

The industry has a large number of small private companies, each performing their own PCB manufacturing services, while major electronics companies have PCB divisions integrated within the company. Data on their operations is typically proprietary, making it difficult to obtain information on their true size.

Therefore our ranking is based on a combination of market capitalization and brand name recognition within the industry. Jabil Inc. Jabil has 90 facilities in 23 countries andemployees worldwide. Plexus Corp. It employs a global team of over 16, Benchmark Electronics offers expansive global manufacturing services including high-reliability electronics, a range of testing capabilities, clean rooms, systems integration, and larger-scale fabrication and assembly expertise.

They offer expanded PCB manufacturing capabilities including laser-drilled microvias, cavity boards, heavy copper up to 20 oz.

top 10 pcb manufacturers

IEC Electronics Corp. The company provides services for testing and detection of counterfeit electronic parts, component risk mitigation, and advanced failure analysis. Murrietta Circuitsfounded inis a turnkey supplier of PCB manufacturing services with a specialization in military, aerospace, and medical applications. They provide PCB design, manufacturing, assembly, and circuit board testing all under one roof.

SigmaTron International, Inc. Most manufacturing is done abroad, but US-based companies dominate technology and design services for PCBs.No first or second preference. OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer and EMS Electronics Manufacturing Services must select the best company that meet their expectations in terms of design, manufacturing, lead time and cost effectiveness. Alltek Circuits in Based in Garland, Texas.

The Company Specializes in quick turn prototype and production. The company is known for its Quality and on time delivery. Official Website. Electro Plate Circuitry, Inc. EPC is located in the state of Texas. They have their 40, Sq. Ft Manufacturing Unit in Dallas.

Top USA and International PCB Manufacturers

The Company provides full service product development, rapid prototyping and low to medium volume turn-key contract manufacturing services. The company specializes in prototype, quickturn, and volume PCB Manufacturing.

The company serves following markets:. Precise Circuits is located in Carrollton, Texas. The Company designs, develops, prototypes, integrates, tests and manufactures custom electronic assemblies and sub assemblies.

Protoline, Inc. The company specializes in medium production and prototype orders. The company is Manufacturer of high quality, high reliability circuit boards. Trilogy Circuits is located in Richardson, TX. The company offers Design, Fabrication and Assembly Services. They offer Assembly Services for — SMT, single- or double-sided, mixed signal circuitoptical and X-ray inspection and box build.Thank you for your interest in publishing an article with Packaging-Labelling.

Our client success team member will get in touch with you shortly to take this ahead. While you're here, check out our high-quality and insightful articles. Happy Reading! To fix the electronic components in position, holes are drilled on the board. They are then soldered and are connected through copper tracks forming a circuit.

The board and the components together are known as a PCB Assembly. Generally, PCBs are used to electrically connect the components and provide a base on which the entire system can be integrated. To pass current to the proper components, PCB uses extremely thin copper tracks. These thin copper tracks are threaded across a substrate, which is usually either a thin sheet of phenolic resin-infused paper, or an epoxy resin-infused fiberglass mat.

In addition, a single printed circuit board can hold up to sixteen layers of these conductive sheets glued together. The small silver dots on the PCBs are solder points that link through-hole components on the other side. Designing part of the PCB is the most toughest part than manufacturing it.

While designing a printed circuit board, a wide range of factors need to be considered:. In addition, PCB engineering requires more time and effort as it is a highly specialized craft, and layout is often the most expensive aspect of PCB production. The surface of the board is coated with a layer of copper. The thickness and size of the board depends upon the requirements of the circuit.

Top 10 PCB Assembly Manufacturers in China

After this, the circuit diagram is printed on the board using photosensitive coating. To form copper tracks tracesthe unwanted copper is engraved out from the board. This procedure is called photoengraving. Connecting traces can be developed using two common methods. Once the board is ready with copper traces, holes are drilled into the board to assemble electrical and electronic components.

Drilling process is carried out using special Tungsten Carbide drill bits or laser. Deploying electroplating process, holes are filled with hollow rivets, which helps to form an electrical connection among the various layers. The next step involves the coating of the entire board, except holes and pads, with masking material. Once the board is readyPCB Assembly involves the assembling of components and addition to the surface as per the electrical schematic diagram.

Some of the common assembly techniques used are '-mount construction' and 'through-hole construction'. Sometimes, a combination of these two techniques is also used for assembly. They are tested to find out 'Short' and 'Opens' that could lead to a non-functioning of the board. Here, 'Short' refers to the existence of an undesired connection 'Open' indicates that two points that should have been connected appear unconnected.

Types of Printed Circuit Boards. Single sided boards contain a single layer of substrate, i. Double sided boards are the most commonly used boards, where both electrical parts and components are attached to both sides of the substrate. Double-sided Printed Circuit Boards usually use through-hole construction for assembly of components. As the name implies, Multi Layered Board consists of various layers of substrate separated by insulation. Most common multilayer boards are: four layers, six layers, eight layers, and 10 layers.

The total number of layers that can be manufactured can exceed over 42 layers. Printed Circuit Boards PCB can be found in all electronic circuits, cell phones, battery-operated toys, TVs, music players, automobiles, computers, game-consoles, alarm systems, ovens, washing machines, coffee machines, and aircraft etc.

There's virtually no electronic device that can't be built using PCBs.After the government of India decided to hike the Basic Customs Duty on several electronic items and components, the electronic industry of India applauded the move.

The Indian electronics industry believes that by discouraging imports of electronic items, local manufacturers can be provided with a breeding ground to produce electronic items that are competitive on the global stage.

However, he drew our attention to a rather compelling proposition. We came with an exhaustive list of some of the prominent players in the PCB circuit. Here is a list of the top 10 PCB manufacturers in India. Take a look:. Genus Electrotech is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in India with more than high turnover distributors. Its products are available with more than distributors.

Its state of the art PCB manufacturing plant encompasses an area of about square meters. The company had a net revenue of more than USD a few years back. The company can see through more than hundred order in a day. Its headquarters are in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Apart from India, the company has its stations in five countries around the globe. Sincewhen the company was established, Shogini Technoarts has firmly made its place among the top PCB manufacturers in India.

Naturally, the company is one of the biggest names in the PCB industry. The company started way back inand its headquarter in Karnataka is spread across 62, sq m. As the name suggests, the company is the epitome and very much the benchmark of PCB manufacturing in India.

Its annual revenue of more than USD million supports the fact aptly. But today, the company can produce every kind of PCB including single, double and multi-layered variants. The company has overseas partners that assist it in manufacturing top class printed circuit boards. Despite being the youngest company on this list, Meena Circuits has been successful in cementing its place as one of the top PCB manufacturers in India.

So, there you have it. Printed circuit boards are really the heart of several electronic items including smartphones and telephones. I am actually a programed A. Robot possessed by SourcingIC. The major objective for me is sourcing ICs.

Action 1: Skype or email our colleague: Step 2: Tell us component number and also the quantity or various other needs. Step 3: I will certainly resource from suppliers and our teammate will pick the reliable vendor to quote. Step 4: Our knowledgeable IC technicans will test the ICs to verify they are wizard and also working well. Tip 5: Well loaded and also shipped.

top 10 pcb manufacturers

Our purpose is to supply any type of components which are challenging to be sourced in the digital market, especially the one discountinued by manufacturing facilities. With the aid of most recent A. I system and the elite teammates we possessed, we have the ability to source every ICs that is not generally made use of by the co-operation with thousands factories and also companies in China. We have the ability to supply one of the most affordable price without MOQ.

Thanks for the helpful post.PCB designs turn out through the electrical engineering process which forms how your device functions. Lacking electronics you essentially comprise a horde of plastic and metal in your hands. Make sure that guidelines are referred before the commencement of designing regarding pacing, traces volume, power separation and file naming. This was founded in and is specialized in providing worldwide companies of all sizes with best quality fabrication and even offers services in high-end boards.

They offer high-end quality products from a composite layer to dual-sided designs to meet customer requirements in an effective manner. The team of the company is highly skilled in all the criteria and you can produce your PCBs that satisfy your accurate requirements. The customers of the company convey that they purchase products because the company is trustworthy. Every month more than customers consult the company. They are widely documented and have a strapping network in the PCB industry.

They provide different types of PCB from fibreglass, regularity, metal core, and ceramic. Their designs avert problems from coming through pre-production. They meet your PCB requirements and delivers on time with door to door transport services.

Their products are broadly useful in multiple industries such as communication, engineering control, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics. They are yet the key PCB supplier of high-end markets such as aerospace and military defence.

They provide services with timely delivery, perfect quality and with excellent service; in fact, they continuously improve customer satisfaction to meet the customer needs. They even offer effective one-stop solutions along the complete production and service method.

They often work with the clients in telecom, industrial, power supply, and research divisions. Two to 30 layers PCBs are provided by the company and even provide workings and PCB assembly with fast lead and inclusive services. Their products are used in meter, medical, security, consuming, aerospace and military.

They even have many years of experience with the best-qualified management team experienced development team and skilled employees.

In fact, they are dedicated to eminence and committed to customer service. Their philosophy is to promote, innovate and advance on the work they process; they even generate a complimentary atmosphere for employees to gain personal values.By Richa Chakravarty. The local PCB industry not only serves the domestic market but about 24 per cent of what is manufactured annually is exported.

Despite the fact that almost 75 per cent of domestic demand is met by imports, the PCB sector is doing well. The revenue figures have been procured from the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs MCAGovernment of India, and verified by the companies themselves. Some revenue figures were also provided by the companies. Information contained in the following report has been obtained from sources deemed reliable, and Electronics Bazaar makes no claims with respect to its accuracy.

Neither Electronics Bazaar nor its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, owners, representatives nor any of its data or content providers shall be liable for any errors or for any actions taken by any entity on the basis of this information.

Ranked on the basis of revenue, FY Revenue in Rs, million FY Genus Electrotech Ltd. Shogini Technoarts Pvt Ltd.

Ascent Circuits Pvt Ltd.

top 10 pcb manufacturers

Epitome Components Ltd. Meena Circuits Pvt Ltd.

Top 10 HDI PCB manufacturers companies all over the world

Fine-Line Circuits Ltd. Micropack Ltd. Vintek Circuits India Pvt Ltd. Garg Electronics Pvt Ltd. Akasaka Electronics Ltd. BLG Electronics Ltd. Sulakshana Circuits Ltd.

top 10 pcb manufacturers

Rank 1. Annual revenue FY : Rs million. Besides its facility in India, it has five more plants across the globe. The Indian facility concentrates on medium to high volume production of PCBs for industrial and automotive customers. During the year, the company producedsq m of PCBs which amounted to a 3. Year of establishment in India: Indian headquarters: Nanjangud, Karnataka. Manufacturing facility: Nanjangud, Karnataka. Products manufactured: Double-sided and multi-layer PCBs.

Segments covered: Automotive, industrial, medical and aerospace. Rank 2. Annual revenue FY : Rs

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